1/200 sec, f/5.6, ISO 3200, 90mm
1/200 sec, f5.6, ISO 3200, 120mm
1/200 sec, f/5.6, ISO 3200, 75mm
1/160 sec, f/5.6, ISO 3200, 85mm

1/125 sec, f/5.6, ISO 3200, 80mm


The picture has great lighting on the left side. The way the sun hits her face gives the portrait life. I picked this portrait because the way she is posed, she looks so peaceful.

White Balance Read and Write

An aspect of photography, is white balance. It can have a big impact of the shots you take as a photographer. White balance is adjusted to get the most accurate colors in your image. Photos you take might come out with a little bit of blue or yellow. They look good to the naked eye, but they can have work done to them. Different source of light causes this. We don’t notice the change of temperature because the eye usually adjusts to the change. The reason you see the temperature change on the cameras is because the camera isn’t smart enough to adjusts to the change. Cameras have different ways to adjust the white balance, many digital cameras have automatic and semi-automatic modes to help you make the adjustments. A lot of cameras have the manual adjustment.

White Balance settings you’ll find on cameras:

  • Auto – this is where the camera makes a best guess on a shot by shot basis. You’ll find it works in many situations but it’s worth venturing out of it for trickier lighting.
  • Tungsten – this mode is usually symbolized with a little bulb and is for shooting indoors, especially under tungsten (incandescent) lighting (such as bulb lighting). It generally cools down the colors in photos.
  • Fluorescent – this compensates for the ‘cool’ light of fluorescent light and will warm up your shots.
  • Daylight/Sunny – not all cameras have this setting because it sets things as fairly ‘normal’ white balance settings.
  • Cloudy – this setting generally warms things up a touch more than ‘daylight’ mode.
  • Flash – the flash of a camera can be quite a cool light so in Flash WB mode you’ll find it warms up your shots a touch.
  • Shade – the light in shade is generally cooler (bluer) than shooting in direct sunlight so this mode will warm things up a little.


In my collage there are a variety of things that reflect who i am. First off my biggest dream is to become a Registered Nurse. I love to help people and me becoming a nurse gives me the opportunity to make a difference in many peoples daily life. My favorite sport to watch us baseball, and my favorite team is the Dodgers. My favorite player on the team is Corey Seager, my second favorite player is Trea Turner. I feel like both of these players do a lot for the team. My favorite football team is the San Francisco 49ers, my favorite player on the team is Trey Lance.

I was born and raised in the United States. My dad was born in El Salvador, and i am half Salvadorian. My mom side of the family is from mexico. My favorite things to drink are cran-watermelon, starbucks and boba. i recently started liking the watermelon juice. i have an addiction to starbucks which isn’t good because i spend a lot of money on it… like too much money on it. My favorite snacks to eat are Hot Fries and the sour streamers from Haribo. My favorite food to eat is sushi. i think that it is so refreshing too eat, and there is a lot of variety to try from.

My favorite show to watch is greys anatomy. The show is really interesting there is always something going on, once a problem is solved another problem comes up so, the show almost never gets boring. I’ve rewatched the show like 3 times, now going on my 4th time watching it. I buy a lot of vans, usually the white slip ons. I always buy white slip ons because i dirty mine all the time. My favorite artist is Jhene Aiko. I also like drake and summer walker. There music is so catchy and i love it. My favorite thing to do is play soccer, it takes my mind off everything and makes me feel calmed and relaxed whenever i play it.


55 mm, f/20, 1/160 sec, iso 3200
55mm, 1/160 sec, f/10, iso 3200

What camera metering mode did I use and why? I used AV mode because it figured out the shutter speed for you, so you can focus on taking your picture 

Do I have a strong composition? My composition is good but i feel like it can be a little better. 

How well did I edit my photographs? i edited them to where the colors pop out a little more, so i would say they are edited good. 

What would I do differently if I shot this assignment again? I would take better shots, that would be more eye catching to others.

Do you think your photographs belong on the blog home page and   should be considered one of the best from all the photo classes? No, the reason being my pictures aren’t really that eye catching and they could be a lot better.

File Formats

  • PSD (Photoshop Document) needed for extensive handing of original photos ex. retouching
  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) photos that are for personal use, small prints, and social media
  • BMP (Bitmap Image File) large files, each pixel has saved color data without compression
  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) uncompressed files, allows to have extensive post-processing
  • GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) used to post to the internet, Image quality is not sacrificed due to lossless compression, ability to maintain the transparency
  • RAW highest quality files is what you want and raw offers just that, professional photographers prefer this.
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)  compressed in lossless format, retain all details, small size file so that they can load faster on the internet
  • DNG (Digital Negative Format) used as a main raw file, also as an alternative for native raw format




Action and Motion

1/2000 sec, f/8, 18mm, 800 ISO
1/2000 sec, f/11, 18mm, 800 ISO
1/6 SEC, f/25, 45mm, 400 ISO
1/6 SEC, f/25, 28MM, 400 ISO
f/3, 20mm, ss 100. ISO 800
ss 15, f/8, 10mm, 400iso

in order to have a good shot for action and motion you need to find a good object to focus on. The object helps you get your shot to where when they are in motion it’s easier to focus on. Once the action is taking place you take multiple pictures and at least one of those multiple pictures will give you a good action shot. Once you edit your photo, it gives you a good photo to its full potential.

When you are shooting for motion and blur you need to take the picture at a good time because if not it comes out way too blurry. Even though that’s how it’s supposed to be, sometimes it was just too blurry. When you edit your photos you can enhance on the blur so that you can see it more, which helps you make out the blur in a way.




Camera Modes

Portrait Mode is used when you are taking a photo of a single object. You need to get close to your object so that it focus on it.

Manual Mode is used by mostly anyone who owns a camera uses this mode. It is the easiest mode to work with.

Landscape Mode is used to capture points of interest. The photos are taken at a wide angles,  from a distance.

Automatic Mode it pretty much does everything for you. Your camera chooses your ISO, it selects your shutter speed, aperture, and focus for you.

Night Mode is to shoot when their is low light. It captures detail in the background and uses a longer shutter speed.